Nymark is a future-driven digital growth agency with a profound belief in the power of positive technology.

About us
We help positive technology businesses achieve long-term growth by transforming their brand, business technology, and commercial operations. It’s our sincere belief that we can harness the power of technology as the answer to many of our global challenges and better lives. Our role is to set the right conditions and framework for the future growth of these advancements.

We knew there was an opportunity to redefine what’s possible in the positive-tech space. Nymark was founded on that premise.

Ny mark translates as ‘New Ground’ and symbolises a place where no one is from, but anyone can go to. A place where technology is the catalyst for a harmonious world.

The power of this idea is what kickstarted our founding in 2020. Since then, a diverse team of entrepreneurs joined forces to dedicate efforts in the manifestation of this idea.  

Having a new way of thinking, doing, and being enables us to embrace change and explore new landscapes previously unreachable by the traditional agency model.

Today, Nymark is helping internationally renowned technology businesses in numerous projects around the globe spearheading their respective industries and continue to empower tech-based change for good.


''To help great minds solve the problems of our time, we're committed to creating the right conditions for others and ourselves to push the limits of ingenuity. This entails a deep understanding of individual needs, team dynamics and work environment.''
Andries van Oers
Founder & CEO


''Whomever we work with, we value transparency over self-benefiting or conflicting incentives. We believe that being as true to ourselves as to others creates trust, clarity, long-term engagement, and a better environment to excel in.''
Lisette van der Valk
Project Manager

by Design

''We composed a carefully curated group of unconventional minds with a shared believe that tech-based change can cultivate a better tomorrow, shaping an agency that solves high-level growth complexities in a unique integral way.''
Soufyan Lamdini


''To make fundamental progress possible, we closely collaborate with a tight-knit global partner network ranging from renowned marketing, design and communication companies to highly specialised technology experts.''
Arjen Boerhout
Project Manager

New Ground

The rate at which new innovations surface is constantly advancing. In this ever-increasingly complex world, we choose to focus our efforts on bridging the gap between potential and sustainable success for technologies that truly matter.

These are industries we’re interested in and excite us
Advancing society through technology-enabled biology.

Modern biotechnology continues to make significant contributions to improving quality of life, including providing products and therapies to combat diseases, generating higher crop yields, and using biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The possible global and societal impact of this space can't be understated, hence we actively maintain a close interest.
Transforming education through personalised digital learning.

We believe that education is a cornerstone of society, and that technology can play a transformative role in making it more accessible and effective. With the help of digital tools and platforms, EdTech companies can create personalised learning experiences that meet the unique needs of every student, regardless of their background, location, or socio-economic status. That's why we're highly interested in this area and want to push technologies that drive innovation in this field.
Energy Tech
Powering a sustainable future through innovative digital energy solutions.

As the world faces pressing environmental challenges like climate change and resource depletion, energy technologies play a critical role in driving societal and environmental shifts. With the help of digital technologies like machine learning and IoT, energy technologies can optimise energy production and distribution, leading to more sustainable and efficient systems. By harnessing renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, this field can transform the way we power our homes and businesses, paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.
Environmental Tech
Protecting the planet through technology-enabled environmental solutions.

New environmental technologies have the power to rebalance our relationship with nature. By developing and deploying innovative solutions that mitigate the negative impacts of human activity on the environment, environmental tech companies can help build a more sustainable and resilient future for all. From carbon capture and storage to smart grid technologies, we believe that technology can transform the way we interact with the environment, leading to a more sustainable and equitable world.
Revolutionising finance through digital innovation.

From mobile banking to blockchain-based payment systems, fintech is transforming the way we interact with money and has the potential to create a more inclusive and equitable financial system. We see systems moving to verification rather than trust. By leveraging digital tools and platforms, fintech companies can create innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses, bettering people's chances to participate in a fair financial system.
Food Tech
Nourishing the world by rethinking food.

Feeding the world is one of the most complex cross-border challenges we face. By leveraging technology, food tech companies can create healthier, more sustainable, and more affordable food products that meet the needs of a growing global population. From precision agriculture to vertical farming, technology can revolutionise the way we produce and consume food, leading to a more equitable and sustainable food system for people and the planet.
Technology-driven solutions that enhance patient care and medical outcomes.

MedTech or Health Tech has the potential to transform the way we deliver and receive healthcare. By leveraging technology, MedTech companies can create personalised and patient-centric solutions that drastically improve health outcomes and reduce costs. From telemedicine to wearable devices, technology can help build a more equitable and accessible healthcare system for all. We already witness tremendous strides being made and are optimistic about new future innovations.
Robotics, Automation, AI & ML
Driving efficiency and productivity through advanced automation and decision-making technologies.

In our new age, robotics, AI, and ML as transformative technologies are changing the world as we know it. As seen in the recent future, technology is neutral and can be used in either a beneficial or negative way. It's undeniable that together, robotics, AI, and ML are revolutionising the way we live and work, driving innovation, and creating new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. With the exponential development of this field and our focus on technology in general, we're excited to help new ethical and positive ideas flourish.