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Commodity, CTRM software and trading.

How Nymark helped this commodity trading scale-up navigate a complex market segment

Agiboo develops state of the art commodity trade and risk management software. Part of their mission is to increase the availability of this tech – previously only an affordable luxury for larger companies. Agiboo makes a difference to smaller traders by simplifying complex commodity trading, so they can do things like go paperless, or optimise quality, safety and environmental processes. 

As a CTRM software supplier in a niche such as commodity trading, a dynamic and highly competitive market, it is important to be more relevant to your target group than competitors. The challenge is to utilise the search behaviour of the target group at an early stage that can eventually lead to a purchase of Agiboo’s software, all while active in a highly complex market segment. And next, you want generated traffic to be converted to leads and happy clients, in an effective and automated way. We knew our solution had to do this without pushing: pull.

Finding clarity in complexity 

The key to success in solving these kinds of highly complex marketing challenges is deep knowledge of your client’s business: collect all relevant data and make a solid plan of action. During the first phase of our approach, we identified 3 significant insights. First, an innovator in their market segment needs to reflect the interests of their audience, which we can offer by giving the brand image a novel and modern twist.

Second, the website is the most important and best place for lead generation. It needs intelligent marketing technology to meet that expectation. And third, the extensive and hyper complex software package that Agiboo delivers to its customers requires user-friendly instructions.

Creating a new brand on existing ground, step by step

First, Nymark developed a complete brand guide, including logo and corporate identity. Then we mapped out Agiboo’s marketing strategy for the next 5 years. This visualises how we get from A to B, with a diligent approach to how and where funds are spent. We bring this to life in developing Agiboo’s reimagined website, tailored to fit the inbound marketing strategy. Then customer journey mapping – a customer-focused technique for optimising processes and services – allows us to get in the minds of Agiboo’s clients. And better serve them, step by step.

Execution is everything

We implemented HubSpot and automated different touchpoints within the customer journey. We used LinkedIn to generate traffic and create video tutorials to enhance usability. Inbound marketing is a long-term game, but in just a few months we had already tracked 40% more traffic, twice as many leads as last year, and 6 new clients. 

”In our partnership, Nymark really invests in a deep understanding of the market and buying behaviour. Their 360-customer focus, agility and profound expertise in digital transformation have enabled us to grow efficiently for years.”
Jan van der Brom
CEO Agiboo