Nymark Works With Bodec to Make Big Ideas Possible

Anna Tamara
July 17, 2023
05 mins
Food, sustainability

Nymark joins forces with Bodec for a long-term collaboration, supporting their work in bringing game-changing sustainable projects to life

For any organisation, success hangs on the proper execution of your idea.

So much is at stake when it comes to realising your product or process in a scalable way and for the long term. And this is especially true when you’re working in real innovation.

Nymark has now partnered with Bodec, whose work tackles this problem. With headquarters in Helmond, on the Food Tech Park Brainport, Bodec helps upscale products from the lab to the production line. They help companies in Food improve their processes, specialising in raw material processing, such as the utilisation of waste streams. This involves the expertise of technologists, chemists, engineers, and process operators from all corners of the Food industry and beyond.

Bodec’s focus is to de-risk investments and shorten the time-to-market for new and existing food production processes. This doesn’t only increase profitability and set free innovation. Bodec helps ensure products can have a valuable lifespan, bring game-changing ideas to life, and allows their clients to minimise investment in facilities, cut back on energy use and reduce waste.

Why does this matter? Tackling waste in the supply chain is important work.

Food waste alone: around 14% of the world's food is wasted after harvest, and 17% at the consumption level – waste that accounts for 8-10% of the total global GHGs, the UN report. To hit the target of halving per-capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels by 2030, it’s vital we rethink today’s supply chain.

As the food industry moves fast to address this, Bodec helps accelerate solutions. Some of Bodec’s most impactful projects have found novel new ways to re-use by-products and boost the sustainability of crops and harvests. Recent work saw Bodec enhance the sustainable credentials of Industrial Hemp, devising ways to use the whole plant to produce products such as CBD oil. While 2017’s Food from From project allowed former waste to be transformed into a useful product: fibre. Such as the usually discarded green leaves of the leek (transformed into a fibrous powder used to bind sausages), citrus peels (which amount to 250 million kilos of waste in the Netherlands each year) and carrots deemed not suitable for retail sales.

By providing pilot factories and upcycling organic waste into high-quality products in a scalable way, systems like Bodec’s contribute to lowering the impact of production on the environment.

Other projects have enabled innovative new food technologies for processes like separating, drying and freezing. Their support and projects on potato-extracted protein is now used as the base for a functional protein for many high end applications. And they partner up with MEatco to transform waste from the meat and seafood industry into high-value proteins for products like sports drinks.

It doesn’t stop there. As Bodec continues to develop products with real world impact in various industries, Nymark’s 5 steps will help bring bigger visions to life. Nymark’s collaboration with Bodec will lay the foundation for their ideas and growth in the long-term. Setting them on a sustainable path to success as they forge similar ways forward for their clients. Ultimately, elevating innovation together.