Our Five-Stages® process empowers positive tech companies to uncover new opportunities for growth and success.

Stage One


We begin by gaining a fundamental understanding of both the inner workings and the outer landscape of our client's business. This involves in-depth research and rich collaboration covering all the commercial mechanics of the organisation such as branding, positioning, markets, audience, culture, business technology, commercial operations, and processes. After the analysis, our strategists extract patterns and insights for long-term success.
Stage Two


Once we have a clear understanding of our client's business mechanics and goals, we move on to Stage 2. This is where a transdisciplinary selection of our team meets to search for an inventive, exciting, and newly defined growth trajectory. As with every business, we know short-term versus long-term objectives can cause tension. That's why we build a model that excels in solving the puzzle of long-term success, short-term gains, and nonsequential priorities.
Stage Three


Smooth and efficient processes are essential for growth, longevity, and adaptability. At Nymark, we understand that businesses often encounter issues and congestion when scaling beyond their capabilities. That's why we level the foundation in the previous stages and design holistic processes that are flexible, scalable, and smooth-running covering all aspects of the organisation.
Stage Four


A revamped digital infrastructure is critical for technology companies to stay competitive and thrive in the future. We work closely with our clients to identify areas where digital improvements can be made to increase efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and profitability. By developing a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, companies can improve their business intelligence, high-level system integration, customer relationship management, website functionality, platform integrations, marketing automation, and more.
Stage Five

Launch & Optimisation

At last, in the culmination of our five-stage process, all the pieces of the puzzle come together in a seamless integration of commercial processes and digital infrastructure. This is where our clients experience the true potential of their business come to life. With guidance from our seasoned specialists and partner community, the newly optimised operation is executed.
”In our partnership, Nymark really invests in a deep understanding of the market and buying behaviour. Their 360-customer focus, agility and profound expertise in digital transformation have enabled us to grow efficiently for years.”
Jan van der Brom
CEO Agiboo

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